About TeacherTemp

Founded in 2021 by mothers & teachers, TeacherTemp is here to start an education revolution.


The U.S. ranks far behind most industrialized nations when it comes to education. Statistics have shown that the American school system is broken & needs a major overhaul.  Common problems include low teacher salaries, non-flexible learning, safety concerns, limited government funding, bullying, over-crowding, lack of parental involvement, school district choice limitations, low-quality school lunches, a lack of physical activity, and so much more.

Mission & Vision

One of the primary issues with the traditional school system is over standardization. Advanced students have limited options, while students with below-average grades are denied the individualized support they need to thrive. TeacherTemp aims to address these issues by expanding access to high-quality instructors for students from all walks of life, regardless of location, age, socioeconomic status, or perceived ability.


Not only do we make education more accessible to traditional school-goers by providing tutors, online classes & supplementary educational material, we also make the option of homeschooling viable for working families by offering both in-person & online homeschool programs, classes, curriculums & more.  

Extended Learning, Both In-Person & Online

Whether you're looking for a complete homeschool program, supplementary learning, or tutoring, TeacherTemp offers both in-person and online options. Browse our database of highly skilled instructors and choose an educational path that works for your family's lifestyle, schedule, and budget.