Svetlana Lucas, Ed.S.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Grades Currently Teaching:
Preschool - College

Education Level:

Master's Degree

Services Offered: 

  • Online English Tutor + In-Person English Tutor

  • Online Reading & Writing Tutor

  • In-Person Reading & Writing Tutor

  • Language Arts Homeschool Teacher

  • Online Speech Tutor + In-Person Speech Tutor

  • K-3rd Grade Math Tutor + Teacher

Short Bio:

TeacherTemp’s approach to learning is empowering, as is mine! I enjoy helping students of all ages and abilities learn by creating transformational lessons. The breadth and depth of my career experiences have expertly equipped me to facilitate classrooms alive with numerous learning possibilities. Whether working with educators or independently, I am a highly motivated professional who specializes in developing differentiated learning material and designing instructional supports. My mixture of a Master's Degree level education, classroom know-how, and pragmatic tools will nicely complement TeacherTemp and its students.

My class style—traditional or virtual--offers students considerable engagement and challenge at every stage of the lesson line. Students of all abilities in my courses enjoy academically “layered” lessons — lessons with content scaffolded virtually, interactively, and experientially. Each lesson is suitably learner-responsive and academically rigorous. My students enjoy critical thinking, problem-solving, and connections with authentic audiences as much as possible because I believe it is vitally important to weave 21st Century Skills into each learning opportunity. More than anything, it is my goal that each student leaves my classroom inspired with intellectual curiosity as I train them to become adept information producers. Please allow me to share with your family my love for learning; my zeal for teaching; and my capacity to serve. I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to learners as well as their families.

I am highly qualified to teach English Language Arts courses, whether combined or singly; I am also highly qualified to teach writing at all levels and speech. I enjoy teaching literature-based survey courses or book studies too. I am certified to teach reading generally, or as an interventionist. Additionally, I am well skilled to teach phonics, reading comprehension, spelling and kinder to third-grade mathematics. Further, I am experienced teaching project-based or experiential STEM & STEAM courses. I have quite a bit of experience designing curricula for learners' needs--either individually or for classes.