Esther Ball

Columbia, Mississippi

Grades Currently Teaching:
3rd - 5th Grade

Services Offered: 

  • Online Language Arts Tutor & In-Person

  • Online Math Tutor & In-Person

  • Online Science Tutor & In-Person

  • Online Social Studies Tutor & In-Person

  • Online Reading Teacher & In-Person

  • 3rd-5th Grade Homeschool Teacher

Short Bio:

My work in the school system started around 1985 when I started substituting. Then I became a teacher assistant where I learned tutoring skills working with remedial students. Eventually, I started night classes at the University of Southern Mississippi and graduated from there in May of 1997 with a degree in Elementary Ed. My license included certifications in all subjects for grades K-8. I was hired by Marion County Schools the same year teaching fifth grade. I retired after twenty-two years with Marion County Schools. Since that time, I have tutored several students, and I have directed the homeschooling of three children. This has included work with dyslectic students.